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  • Like a Norwegian by Vincent Chu
  • The Ventana Series Experience By Andrew H. Sullivan
  • The Inner Strength of Joan Didion, The Center Will Not Hold— A Film Review by Jennifer Parker


by Bridget Kiley

October 30, 2017

An interview with Tina Cane by Bridget Kiley

Tina Cane is a New York City native whose latest book of poetry, One More With Feeling (Veliz Books, 2017), is a reflection of her life growing up in Hell's Kitchen and the East and West Villages "without being sentimental", she observes. She meditates on motherhood, aging, and identity in her latest book, which recounts almost the entire lifetime of the speaker... read more >

Film Review
The Big Short-
A Film Review by Jennifer Parker

October 26, 2017

Film - The Big Short- A Series About Why Short Films Matter,  Film Reviews by: Jennifer Parker

Once upon a time going to the movies meant seeing a short film before the main feature. That was last century, we are in 2017 and the short film has emerged as an exciting cinematic medium that even has its own Oscar category. It’s a way for filmmakers to prove they’re worth financing a bigger budget... read more >

Not Short on Talent
An Interview with Gridlock director: Ian Hunt Duffy
by Jennifer Parker

October 26, 2017

An interview with Ian Hunt Duffy

A short film that is long on talent is Gridlock directed by Ian Hunt Duffy which is a psychological thriller with a comedic overtone. No small feat in a film that lasts less than twenty minutes. This film has all the ingredients of a feature length drama. Written by Darach McGarrigle, the script dares to explore social issues like group think, mob mentality, paranoia and machismo under the umbrella of a traffic jam on a country road... read more >

Film Review
Deep in the Heart of Chelsea
A Film Review by Jennifer Parker

October 22, 2017

Film - The Big Picture, Faces Places-  Film Reviews by: Jennifer Parker

A spellbinding profile of a New York icon, SUSANNE BARTSCH: ON TOP by directing duo Anthony&Alex distills the milieu of Bartsch’s quotidian stasis between humanity and authority... read more >

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