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  • Basquiat—The Unanswerable Answer to the Art World, Jennifer Parker
  • MAN DOWN by Denise Schiavone
  • The Big Picture, A Film Review by: Jennifer Parker


Interview with Tamar Ettun
by Heather Zises

September 28, 2017

Interview with Tamar Ettun by Heather Zises

This fall Tamar Ettun is launching Pink, the latest season in her four-year long performance series, Mauve Bird with Yellow Teeth Red Feathers Green Feet and a Rose Belly? Pink is the third installment in the tetralogy, and incorporates sculpture, performance, video, and works on paper... read more >

Film Review
There’s Something About Brad Brad’s Status
Book Review and Author Interview by: Jennifer Parker

September 15, 2017

Film - There’s Something About Brad, Brad’s Status

Ben Stiller is all grown up. I mean it. He plays the role of Brad Sloan in Brad’s Status with absolute gravitas. It isn’t an easy role. Much of the dramedy (gag, someone please come up with a better word!) relies on Brad’s interior dialogue. Round shouldered, slow to smile, introspective, self-critical but not self-loathing is a lot to put on a protagonist... read more >

Film Review
“A Breathing Time Machine”
(lyrics from Laundry Room-The Avett Brothers)
May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers—
Review by: Jennifer Parker

September 7, 2017

Film - Move Over Hogwarts—The Practical Magic Is at Headfort, School Life

Folk rock is kind of the “not otherwise specified” exception diagnosis for those of us who can’t quite stomach the idea of identifying with anything to do with country music. There’s a few artists who fall into this category. The greats include Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Tracey Chapman and Leonard Cohen... read more >

Film Review
Gaga for Bobbi Jene
Bobbi Jene—
Review by: Jennifer Parker

September 22, 2017

Film - Gaga for Bobbi Jene, Bobbi Jene

Bobbi Jene sees the possibility of a body in motion where others see a concrete wall. She finds inspiration for choreography in not what is mundane but what is foundational to modern human existence—to physical building materials that protect us... read more >

Spindle City
By Jotham Burrello

September 8, 2017

Prose - Spindle City By Jotham Burrello

Fall River, Massachusetts, 1911: The kind of day Minister Johns said Jesus had promised. Crisp and sunny, though warm for June. The type of weather, Johns said, that respects a man’s daily toil. The paper predicted 50,000... read more >

Film Review
Move Over Hogwarts—The Practical Magic Is at Headfort School Life
Book Review and Author Interview by: Jennifer Parker

September 7, 2017

Film - Move Over Hogwarts—The Practical Magic Is at Headfort, School Life

Maybe it’s the fairytale castle in the verdant lushness that can only exist in Ireland. Perhaps it’s the somewhat beatnik headmaster telling a roomful of children between the ages of seven and thirteen that they are already in charge of their own lives and discovering that his words are anything but trite... read more >

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Danez Smith

Steve Miller

Junot Diaz

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