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  • Book, Diaboliques by JULES BARBEY d’AUREVILLY
  • Core of the Sun by Johanna Sinisalo


for Matt Tomlanovich
by Donald Breckenridge

May 12, 2016

A door sketched on a piece of scrap paper with a black roller tip pen. The ceramic coffee cup decorated with birds accompanied by the insistent din of house sparrows just outside the open windows. Orange leaves scattered over the wet sidewalk then blew into the street. Garbage cans and black bags lined the curb... read more >

The Life of the Party: In conversation with Tin House’s Rob Spillman on his new memoir All Tomorrow’s Parties

Interview by Glynn Pogue

April 22, 2016

Interview, The Life of the Party: In conversation with Tin House’s Rob Spillman on his new memoir All Tomorrow’s Parties

Rob Spillman’s forthcoming memoir is a badass piece of literature. A frank and vivid escapade spanning from the Eastern Bloc to Baltimore's inner city, All Tomorrow’s Parties charts Spillman’s colorful coming-of-age... read more >

with Esther Naor
By Marly Youmans

Reviewed by Joe Manning

April 7, 2016

Interview with Esther Naor

In her fourteenth and most recent book, poet and novelist Marly Youmans reconfigures the life of pulp fiction author, and creator of Conan the Barbarian, Robert E. Howard into an exploration of the creative impulse, and a pilgrimage into the labyrinthine heart of Story itself... read more >

Jamaican Honeymoon
by D.G. Gels

April 7, 2016

Tomorrow your footprints will be raked clean,
But today you are floating in the pool
With a frozen Pina Colada...
read more >

April: Boro Zebebe
by James Sherry

March 31, 2016

“Doesn’t know how to Talk, Doesn't Drink,
Doesn't Smoke,
Doesn't chase Women...  read more >

What happens in the dark
by Rachel Mead

April 28, 2016

New Pelion campsite, Overland Track, Tasmania - Day 3

The night is a bedlam of black market activity.
Wind takes the trees by the collar and shakes them down for change.
Wombats crunch on button grass like Mafioso on cigar stubs... read more >

Short Story
by Damon Barta

April 14, 2016

I turn the bolt, slide the chain, and twist the tab. By the time I get to the knob, I know that he's heard the thud, the tinkle, the click, and that he's identified the source of each. Not only does he know that the door is being unlocked, he can visualize the specific mechanics that correspond to the sounds...  read more >


Reviewed by Heather Zises

April 7, 2016

Art, SELFISH by Heather Zises

March 18 - April 9, 2016
Brilliant Champions Gallery

Opening Reception: March 18, 6-9pm | Closing Reception + Performance by Kendra Morris: April 8, 7pm

“With this show, I very much wanted to inspire introspection in other people. SELFISH is really about the existential significance of self-portraiture... read more >

by John Leland

Reviewed by Brennan Burnside

March 25, 2016

Poetry, Fireflies by John Leland

When I read John Leland’s Fireflies, I felt the guttural tug of Samuel Coleridge’s definition of elegy: that “the poet…presents everything as lost and gone or absent and future.” In Leland’s poems, the “lost and gone,” and “the absent and future” are speakers lavishing and languishing in the irresolution of the present moment... read more >

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FALL 2015

Chen Chen

Noah Becker

Chris Belden

Elisa Wolf

Jay Varner