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Hungary, 1944



Hungary, 1944

by Sarah Kobrinsky


About Sarah Kobrinsky

Sarah Kobrinsky's poems and stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Magma Poetry, Jewish Quarterly (UK), Bayou, 100 Word Story, The Molotov Cocktail, Shampoo Poetry, Berkeley Fiction Review, among many others. She is the 2013-2015 Poet Laureate of the City of Emeryville, CA.

A family is in hiding under a house. The youngest, a boy barely two, is the only one to sleep on a bed. The others sleep like well-dressed sardines on the floor—well-dressed, even here, to preserve a little dignity. And under these circumstances, under this ordinary house, he is still a boy like any other boy, eager to be an even bigger boy. But the world around him is so small, the things he longs for are few. "When I grow up," he points to the floor, "I want to sleep on the big bed with all of you."