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Lot #274 The Taxidermist's Son Runs, "Ole' Crockett"

He imagines they are more at home in the alley– behind Cavitt's diner–where they hold meetings.
Teddy Layfee, eagle scout, sneaks out fat, cowboy stogies
& they feel older smoking between swigs of Coke-a-Cola.
The Taxidermist's Son keeps the minutes. In a mason jar
crickets and June bugs flicker-muddy color pebbles
behind rough gloss-at his side. He grabs up the jar,
giving it a shake, then looking in. Some are dead,

a risk of catching up tiny lifelings, making them your
pets, a risk the boys more willingly take each day. They stay
out late, run into Danny Boone uprooting coxcombs
from a sidewalk planter. He lost his milk and honey
& swears he'd do anything to get her back, even if
it meant he might die before his time of death.

By Dani DiCenzo

Fjords Reviews Artists - Dani DiCenzo Dani DiCenzo

Dani DiCenzo is currently the Poetry Editor for Lake Effect, Pennsylvania State University's Literary Journal, where she will receive her Undergraduate Degree in Creative Writing for Poetry and Nonfiction in Spring 2013. During her undergraduate studies, Dani was named a 2011 and 2012 Chautauqua Scholar, earning her the opportunity to work with authors Denise Duhamel and Martín Espada, and was chosen as a finalist for the 2012 Erie County Poet Laureate. Fjords Review will be home for Dani's first publication.

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