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Monthly Verse

My Bonnie

Whereas,   my Bonnie lies over the ocean,   & whereas,
                                       my Bonnie lies over the sea,
  & whereas stated earlier,
my Bonnie lies over the ocean,   it is hereby decreed
                              my Bonnie be brought back to me.
 If she be brought back to me
but express no desire to remain within my approximate vicinity,
  she will be duly released
from any & all previously pledged attachments  to my present & future self,
  though all past memories will be permitted
to continue residing  within the darker recesses of my brain.

Said brain  will be ordered not to languish on the contradictory feelings
                               arising from her abandonment & rejection.
any residual pining  emanating from my sentimental heart
  will be determined
to be in strict violation of my general welfare  & thus harshly sanctioned.

 If, on the other hand,
Bonnie were to be brought back to me  & in agreement
                                     regarding our shared destiny,
  immediate nuptials will be in order,
though due to our lengthy separation,  supervised visitation
  may be necessary
to prevent  an overabundance of volatile emotions:
  My Bonnie & me
will arrange said schedule  in the matter most convenient to both of us.

If my Bonnie & me  were to engage in any activity  deemed unseemly
                                     of our premarital positions,
  the extended members of our families
will be duly consulted  & elaborate the proper course of action.

Moreover, if my Bonnie & me  were to be separated by an ocean  or sea
                                   or any other  vast body of water,   both of us will be entitled
to bring back the other  or be brought back,  whatever the case may be.

By Jonathan Greenhause

Fjords Reviews Artists - Jonathan Greenhause Jonathan Greenhause

Jonathan Greenhause is a Pushcart Prize nominee, his poetry appearing or scheduled to appear in The Believer, Cream City Review, New Delta Review, The South Carolina Review, and Water-Stone Review, among others. His 1st chapbook, "Sebastian's Relativity", is being released in autumn 2011 through Chicago's Anobium Books.

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