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Monthly Verse

The End of Science

After the burr of your eye, soft as undergrowth
                                                                        but lit through

with fluorescence; remember
I was descending a long hallway

                                                                        with the tips
of my fingers lightly touching the dim walls;

it was the finished piece with its case broken open
                                                               and its bankruptcy airing

in the cold summer morning winds circling
in large drifts with their reedy vibrations

                                                               through the ruins
of the warehouse; our fraudulent reification, the

improbability of the physical, stringing the keys
                                                               we levered

from the console or ourselves a little thin and bruised,
tangled in long bands of force.

                                                           After the speech
and its adherents; after the glossary; after the know-it-all

and the caliper, the optic formula, the plating, the wave
                                                               as it lived there on paper

and the desk you had fallen through until it was
the middle of the night and I said to myself

                                                               I would go looking.

by Ryo Yamaguchi

Ryo Yamaguchi

Ryo Yamaguchi is the author of The Refusal of Suitors, published by Noemi Press in 2015. His work has appeared in journals such as The Iowa Review, Tin House, American Letters & Commentary, and Barrow Street, among others. He lives in Chicago where he works at the University of Chicago Press. You can visit him at


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