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Monthly Verse

Apocalypse With Victrola

Someday we will both be honest

but for now the Victrola in your cellar

will have to do. We crank the winding

key. You don’t own any records, no 45s,

so the green felt must spin into green

felt. We lift its iron needle arm, judge

its barbaric weight. We say this only

to you, and you listen. In time, all things

must become dull. We drop the needle

to the felt, and static electricity lights

up the cellar for a blue moment. Yes,

every honest thing will dull in time.

by Brian Clifton

Brian Clifton

Brian Clifton lives in Kansas City Missouri. He is the co-editor of Bear Review. His work can be found in The Denver Quarterly, The Pinch, burntdistrict, The Laurel Review, and other magazines.


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