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Fjords Review - Issue 1 - Spring/Summer 2016

Spring/Summer 2016

Introducing: Tanya Grae; Poetry: Danez Smith; Art: Steve Miller; Interview: Junot Diaz; Essay & Art: Ernesto Caivano; Fiction: Jamie B. De Monte
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Fjords Review - Issue 1- - Fall 2015

Fall 2015

It's late fall. The streets of New York are busy. I'm on a train from the city to the mid-west and things are better than they've ever been. I'm so glad we're featuring a new fiction piece by regular contributor Erik Martiny alongside K. Brattin's fiction debut and a very funny piece by Alisa Wolfe about a cat who may or may not be a painter...
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Fjords celebrates women by making this special edition available to everyone for free. Thank you JOANNA DEMKIEWICZ, KAYLEN RALPH and KINZY JANSSEN for choosing the amazing literary work in this edition and thank you HEATHER ZISES for curating the fantastic artwork... read more >


Fjords Review - Issue 9 - Spring 2015

Spring 2015

Introducing new writers is one of the biggest pleasures of editing Fjords. I'm proud to introduce three essays by new writer Salpi Vartivarian. The sophistication and depth of philosophical interplay at work in her writing is impressive, clear and poignant...
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Fjords Review - Issue 7 - FALL 2014

FALL 2014

Poetry by Annie Christain, interview by Aurelie Sheehan, fiction by Julia Fine, essay by Kirk Nesset, art curated by Owen Duffy...
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Fjords Review - Special Black American Edition

Special Black American Edition

Fjords first Special Edition supports the creative art and literary community of black American authors...
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Fjords Review - Issue 7


Poetry: Sarah Palin Erased, interview: Phillip Gross, Short story: Erik Martiny, essay: Jeffrey Skinner...
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Fjords Review - Issue 6


Jacob M. Appel Interviewed, art by Yumi Sakugawa, essay by Sean Carswell...
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Fjords Review - Issue 5


Billy Collins Interviewed, fiction by Erik Martiny, prose by Ori Fienberg...
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Fjords Review - Issue 4


Art by Kehinde Wiley, fiction by Philip Kobylarz, and poetry by Nancy Carol Moody...
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Fjords Review - Issue 3


Poetry by Vanessa Blakeslee, paintings by Vadis Turner, and a review of Boy...
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Fjords Review - Issue 2


Fiction by Peter Liu, poetry by Jonathan Greenhause, memoir by Verity Barudin...
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Fjords Review - Issue 1


Art by Clay Witt, poetry by Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, fiction by Stephen Wade...
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