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Saved by the Reaper



Saved by the Reaper

by Ana Prundaru


About Ana Prundaru

I am a native Romanian, but I grew up in Japan and all over Western Europe. Currently I live in Switzerland, where I work as an independent translator and editor. In between translations, I enjoy creating fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art, as well as volunteering for animal charities. My work appeared in Toad, Halcyon, Vagabond Journey and the Urban Fantasist, among others.

The essay topic read: "What was the most unexpected moment in your life?" If only he could disclose that, Will thought. But better not write about that time the Grim Reaper saved him from his Mom's evil spirit.

Will's Mom Alma had always been a strong-minded woman and so it was only logical that when her time came, she refused to leave. The Grim Reaper - who now went by the name Clyde - had been dumbstruck, but ultimately granted Alma's wish to watch over her son.

For Will, losing Alma to a car accident marked the start of peculiar occurrences - bullies suffered mysterious injuries, teachers who poked fun at him fell ill and strings of bad luck followed girlfriends who broke his heart. He learned to live with the accusations. He tried to tell the truth once as a kid, but that merely resulted in a visit to the school psychologist.

When the day came that his Mom pointed a scallop knife at him, he couldn't help but beg:

"I’m not ready to die! My whole life is ahead of me.”

“Don't worry honey, once this is over, you can be with me.” These were Alma's last words, for when Clyde appeared out of nowhere, he ran his palm into her throat in one smooth motion. With a sigh she disappeared.

Will almost felt bad for feeling relief. Clyde assured Will that he had cleansed her dark spirit so she could cross and urged him to remember that deep inside, Alma loved him dearly.

“Maybe she just loved me a little too much.” Will had remarked, to which Clyde replied: “That's usually the problem isn’t it?”

Will started to write: My most unexpected moment was when a guy named Clyde performed a random act of kindness.