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Submission: Guidelines (or, How to submit to :aNalepsis)

:aNalepsis is currently considering unprovoked
publication; submissions will be vicarious only:

We accept simultaneous submissions
as long as they are offered simultaneously
and submission is not exacted.

There are limits; there are lines
that should not be crossed, and others,
letters, for the most part, for which crossing

is the custom. Poems should be delicately
typed, but sparingly, upon the page.
We do not countenance group manuscripts.

Unsolicited criticism is considered
as long as it is considered. Solicitous criticism
is, well, you catch the drift.

We cannot account for
detached manuscripts.
We cannot accommodate the damaged.

We cannot be responsible for delay of the land,
nor delay the damage lost by detachment,
nor anything left unsaid and left

in the left-hand drawer.

By Bruce Robinson

Fjords Reviews Artists - Bruce Robinson Bruce Robinson

He owes the library 60 cents. The library trusts that he's good for it, and he's grateful for that. Recent work has appeared in Prism Review and the Brooklyner, and any day now, Cream City Review.

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