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Monthly Verse

You Be the Skipper, I’ll Be the Sea

This time of year, Agamemnon’s
tomb is swarming with Beliebers.
If I was your boyfriend, Clytemnestra...
What’s the theme of this one, teacher?

Like gold-leaf masked talismans,
we raised our iPhones in the dark.
Our ringtones were a Greek chorus
calling from the hive to lion guards.

Said: I'm a novel with the pages uncut.
Someone flipped me open and had enough.
Now reading me rips me in two.

What’s a poem for? What’s it to you?

Who said size don’t matter lied.
The shaft of the cistern in the hillside
had me on my hands and knees.
I lapped up clay with my teeth.

We were catamarans in my last fantasy,
moved in this world like a stone over sea.
You stole me away from the treasury.
Freedom, Siri, was a machine.

by Cassidy McFadzean

Fjords Reviews Artists - Cassidy McFadzean Cassidy McFadzean

Cassidy McFadzean’s work has appeared in CV2, Vallum, Carousel, Arc,and The Fiddlehead. In 2013 she was a finalist for the Walrus Poetry Prize and the CBC Poetry Prize. Born in Regina Saskatchewan, Cassidy is currently an MFA candidate at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

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